What is Maxim Sports?

Maxim Sports is a sports equipment brand that aims to deliver optimal athletic performance naturally. We’re here to help you achieve your physical potential, through eco-friendly products that boost and supercharge recovery. Our products contain authentic 100% natural ingredients for maximum results – just plain herbal goodness.

Why use natural ingredients?

The world’s lost balance, that much is clear. We’re trying to help restore it in our own small way; physical optimisation doesn’t have to come at the expense of environmental health. And the happy coincidence is that in our experience, our naturally derived products work much better anyway. We believe going natural isn’t just better for the planet – it’s better for you, too.

Why is recovery so important?

Athletic excellence starts with preparation and ends with recovery. Injuries don’t happen randomly. They happen when the body isn’t prepared sufficiently. We aim to give your body everything it needs to do that. And if something does go wrong, we aim to give it everything it needs to come back even stronger to maximise your potential.

What is kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape is a stretchy, flexible cotton tape designed to boost physical performance and enhance recovery. It’s comfortable and easy-to-apply, with potential benefits including muscle support, tissue support, relief from common acute injuries and inflammation*.

What are relief patches?

Relief patches are soft, flexible pieces of cloth that can be applied to the skin. They’re a water-based, hydrogel mix containing herbal extractions – as a result they’re missing the usual problematic stickiness found in other products of its kind. Containing 18g of premium quality herbs in every patch, this will take your recovery to the next level.

What’s an Instant Relief patch?

Our Instant Relief patches are designed for acute conditions such as muscle fatigue, sprains and burns. The cooling nature of the herbal extraction mix is thought to decrease pain, swelling, inflammation, and can numb the skin. For those suffering from damaged, swollen or inflamed tissue, they can provide immediate relief*.

What’s an Ultra Strength Relief patch?

Apply patches to areas of the body that you wish to target. They can be worn for 12-14 hours, even whilst exercising. When applied, the Ultra Strength Relief patches will produce a warming sensation without producing heat. The Instant Relief patches will produce a cooling feeling, again without producing cold.

How do I use them?

Application of Ultra Strength Relief patches may target chronic pain, muscle injury, and may also promote the relaxation and loosening of muscles by stimulating blood flow. If injury does occur, they can help speed up recovery*.

What is Hysan Muscle Comfort Oil?

Hysan Muscle Comfort Oil is an essential massage oil created with 100% natural ingredients. A regular fixture in the East for centuries, its potential to treat modern-day afflictions is unrivalled. Designed to potentially assist with tissue repair, blood circulation, pain relief and more, this fully natural super-oil is a post-workout essential*.

How do I apply muscle comfort oil?

Apply directly onto clean skin, then massage with fingertips in a circular motion for about 5-10 minutes. Gradually increase pressure when massaging for best results. We also recommend placing a plaster or bandage over the area to maximise recovery.

Do I need to be an athlete to benefit from these products?

Nope! You might not feel like Usain Bolt, but your muscles are being activated thousands of times every single day. It’s possible they might benefit from the soothing, restorative effects our products can confer even if you aren’t putting them through their paces day in, day out*.

Where are your product images sourced?

All product images displayed on our site are authentic and directly showcase our actual products. However, please note that some images featured within our blog posts may be generated using AI technology for artistic and illustrative purposes.