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England vs Switzerland: Euro 2024 Quarter-Finals Preview
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England vs Switzerland: Euro 2024 Quarter-Finals Preview

Time to kick on? 

Here is Maxim Sports take on the next game between England and Switzerland. 

Sunday’s dramatic Extra time win see’s England faceoff against Murat Yakin’s organised Swiss side in Dusseldörf. 

The energy surrounding both teams coming into the game is about as polarising as the VAR debate. I personally choose optimism, recognising that the wakeup call which should have occurred after our performance against Denmark has finally arrived in a perhaps more than intended ‘heart in mouth’ fashion. If this is not the time where the leaders within the squad demand more from each other and pull the proverbial finger out, then it will never arrive in what is almost certainly Gareth Southgate's last dance.   

From my perspective (local watering hole’s beer garden) I would like to see more tactical nous in terms of how we are looking to break down what will be a staunch Switzerland back line. Most owners of eyes and brains would agree Cole Palmer has looked extremely positive when on the pitch, perhaps it’s time he gets a real opportunity to replicate the job he’s done at Chelsea all year (thrive in a dysfunctional team) on the big stage. 

Better football is a want not a need, fundamentally all that matters is the nation's pub’s chanting ‘Southgate you're the one’ and Alan Shearer with a glint in his eye’s not just off the top of his head at full time. 

Key Players to Watch

  • England:
    • Jude Bellingham: The young midfielder has been a standout performer, demonstrating his ability to make crucial impacts in high-pressure situations.
    • Harry Kane: England’s talismanic striker will be crucial in breaking down Switzerland’s defense.
  • Switzerland:
    • Granit Xhaka: The experienced midfielder’s leadership and ability to control the game from the middle will be vital.
    • Yann Sommer: The Swiss goalkeeper’s shot-stopping ability could be a significant factor in keeping England’s potent attack at bay.

Tactical Analysis

  • England:
    • Formation: Typically deploys a 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 formation under Gareth Southgate.
    • Strengths: Strong attacking prowess with players like Kane and Bellingham, and a solid defensive setup.
    • Weaknesses: Occasional lapses in concentration and over-reliance on key players.
  • Switzerland:
    • Formation: Often uses a 3-4-2-1 or 4-2-3-1 formation.
    • Strengths: Well-organized defense, disciplined team structure, and effective counter-attacks.
    • Weaknesses: Limited depth in the squad compared to England and potential vulnerability against high-pressing teams.

Historical Context

  • Previous Encounters: England has historically had the upper hand against Switzerland, but each match in a major tournament brings its own set of challenges and dynamics.

Prediction and Expectations

  • England: With a higher ranking and a squad full of talent, England enters the match as favorites. Their ability to handle pressure and capitalize on their attacking opportunities will be crucial.
  • Switzerland: Despite being underdogs, Switzerland’s victory against Italy proves they can’t be underestimated. Their defensive resilience and strategic play could pose significant challenges to England.

The match promises to be an exciting encounter, with both teams looking to secure a spot in the semi-finals. Fans can expect a battle of tactics, skill, and determination as England and Switzerland go head-to-head in Euro 2024.

If it all goes wrong and this is the end, then I do believe Mr Warnock is next in line to the throne 'are ya with me?'. 

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