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Post-Sport Aches: 5 Herbs To Get Your Body Flowing Again

Post-Sport Aches: 5 Herbs To Get Your Body Flowing Again

Aches and pains are a natural part of physical activity. In a lot of cases it’s evidence you’re doing something right; a signal that you pushed your body’s capabilities, which is the key to making incremental gains.

But it can also be a sign that your body needs to re-jig itself. If you over-exert, it can take time to get back to your pain-free baseline. Problem is, the world doesn’t stop spinning when you suffer a knock, so getting through the day becomes its own challenge.

Here at Maxim Sports we like to rely on our menagerie of Chinese herb-infused products, and their fascinating warming and cooling properties, to keep us going. But they have a truckload of other potential uses that could further aid your physical rehabilitation.

Prized by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners and now forming the backbone of one very modern sport performance company, our chosen herbs have a spectacular assortment of possible body-boosting qualities – and it still feels like we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface…

The potential health benefits of authentic herbs


Pepper’s cultural significance is almost unmatched amongst herbs and spices. Its inherent heat makes it a fantastic fit for our products that provide warming to potentially treat injuries*, but there’s a long list of other potential health benefits that are generally lesser known.

The magic component is piperine, the alkaloid that gives black pepper its spice. Piperine has been found to contain the following bumper list of benefits: immunomodulatory, anti-oxidant, anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory properties*.

There’s way more, but on a surface level, anything that boosts the immune system and offers anti-inflammation are automatic wins for physical recovery*.


Ginger’s strong, spicy quality has ensured its use as a warming herb for many centuries. But there’s a ton of other uses for this pungent culinary favourite.

The root contains a huge amount of invigorating antioxidants, a number surpassed only by the superfood darling pomegranate and some other types of berries. Ginger also has a long history of successful use as an anti-emetic; it can be extremely effective against nausea*.

When combined with other warming herbs, as in our Ultra Strength Relief Patches, it can produce a restorative heating effect that helps soothe muscles and increase blood flow*.


It turns out cinnamon doesn’t just taste good sprinkled atop your mocha; outside of its lip-smacking taste profile, it offers a whole range of health boons too. Prized in TCM for its powerful warming effects, cinnamon also boasts a rich array of well-researched medicinal applications.

One study found that rodents were able to navigate a water maze with more efficiency when dozed with an extract of cinnamon bark. Its anti-inflammatory possibilities are also exciting, as are its potential to provide the body with antioxidants*.

Ultra-Strength Relief Patches

If you’re serious about recovery, our Ultra Strength Relief Patches are a must-grab, targeting muscle restoration with its warming action*.


Apart from tasting absolutely fabulous, peppermint has potential applications when it comes to physical enhancement and treating issues that arise as a result of over-exertion.

A 2013 study focused on the effects of peppermint oil on exercise performance. It found that peppermint oil increased spirometry parameters and reduced blood pressure and respiratory rate. It’s speculated that ‘relaxation of bronchial smooth muscles, increase in the ventilation and brain oxygen concentration, and decrease in the blood lactate level’ might be the secret sauce to this exciting physiological change*.

Its cooling properties make it a valuable addition to our Instant Relief Patches, combining with Angelica Root and Rehmannia Root to provide effective relief against strains and injuries incurred whilst exercising.

Angelica Root (Dong Quai)

Sometimes referred to as ‘female ginseng’, Angelica Root has been used to treat everything from menstrual issues to migraine, but it’s most valued here at Maxim Sports due to its possible cooling properties.

A vital part of our Instant Relief Patches, the intention is for Angelica Root to synergise with the other cooling herbs to deliver a jolt to fatigued muscles and joints*. This cooling effect could decrease exercise-induced pain, and even reduce swelling and inflammation to ensure a speedier recovery*.

Instant Relief Patches

Our Instant Relief Patches employ Peppermint, Angelica Root, and Rehmannia Root to target pain relief quickly and effectively*.

The world of herbs is a fascinating one that still throws up surprises. Utilising them for sports performance equipment is a new field, and we’re excited for the surprises that will throw up too. For now, we’re convinced that one of the best ways you can supercharge your recovery is with these wonderful multi-purpose herbal formulations.

*Please note, Maxim Sports products are not intended to treat medical conditions.

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